Which Coding Language should you start in 2024? For Beginners

Hi Everyone and Welcome to ( NewWalla ) today we are going to talk about whether we want to start our coding language in the 2024 journey, and then what the first coding language we should learn.

One Coding Language

Now before talking about coding languages, This lets us know that no one coding language is the best coding language, that is, it is not that if we have learned one coding language, then now we will be prepared for placement,

For Internship

preparation for the internship will also be done, projects will also be made, and we will also be able to create websites. You will be able to create apps, you will also be able to create games, and you will also be able to do machine learning, this does not happen, these are different domains within tech and according to these different domains, we have to learn different programming languages. The second thing that all beginners should know is that if we want to make a career in software engineering then it is not that we will learn only one programming language, we have to do many different things throughout our life to get a good job in tech. To get a good placement and a good internship, we are going to learn multiple programming languages ​​over time, but yes, if we make a solid hold on a good programming language in the beginning, then it will be easier for us to learn other programming languages. But it becomes very easy to shift, so we have to focus on whatever language we choose as the beginning, we are making a solid hold on it, and then we will decide on our programming language.

programming goal-oriented manner

in a goal-oriented manner, that is, we have our goal. It should be clear that we have to prepare for placement, we have to prepare for machine learning, we have to go into data science we have to create websites or we have to create apps. What is our exact goal according to that goal we will talk about what our best way is and What should be the first programming language.

Goal 1:- Software Engineering Placement / Internship

The first goal is for the majority of the students who are generally coming from B.Tech, B.Sc background, or B.Sc computer science background, the goal is to study software engineering. I want to make a good career and generally, we dream that tech companies ask us something called Data Structures and Algorithms i.e. DSA in our interviews and coding tests. Now we will not go into much detail about what DSA is. We have questions about coding that are asked of us. Now a dedicated video has already been made about DSA, if you want to know about it, but to read this DSA, we have multiple options for languages i.e. India or other countries. In placements when we have to prepare for DSA we have three top options either we can learn Java or we can learn C++ both are equally good languages. In many colleges, our curriculum starts with Java only. If you want to learn Java, you can message us on our contact forms then we will teach you step by step and many colleges, starting with Java. We have also created One Shot, and we can access it by messaging us, now our placement is done as per DSA but we have to remember that in these languages, we will be able to solve the questions of DSA, generally, As a fresher, if we were not creating our projects, then we would have to go into other fields to create projects. We would have to learn new languages ​​later.

Goal 2:- Web Development

The second goal that many students may have is that Learning to create websites means we have to learn web development. Now we have many options in web development too, but my advice to you would be that you should always start with JavaScript. Now JavaScript is one of the most used in the tech industry. It is a popular language that is used for web development, but before learning JavaScript, many students prefer to learn HTML as well. These two do not fall in the category of programming languages ​​but you will get HTML on our website you have to message us if you want. To study JavaScript, we have one shot for that also. You can access this tutorial by going to contacting us.

GOAL 3:- ML / AI / Data Science / Data Analyst

The third goal that we may have in mind may be that I want to learn machine learning, I want to learn AI or I want to learn data Analysis. Do I want to go in the direction of science or do I want to go in the direction of data analysis? If any of these is our goal then we have multiple options for that also. Regarding programming language, I would advise you to choose the best programming language for all these streams. You python. development jobs are more as compared to ago development hence maximum students go towards development and for development the best language to start with which I would advise you would be Java and after that, with time we will develop. You can also start learning Python, but I would advise you to start with Java.

goal 4:- App Development

If we want to create apps for Android or iOS development then for that I would advise you to start with swift language. There is also another option for development. we will learn how to create apps on both platforms let’s start.

For Android

In Android development, a big market is captured in comparison to the iOS market that’s why most of the students go for Android development. For Android development the best coding language I advise the language is Java and after that time I will tell you to go for Kotlin but I would advise you to start with Java.

For iOS

In iOS development, the best language I advise is Swift language. ios system is best in security because of the best coding language and the high demand and much expansive in the whole market

For Both Platforms,

once you have created the app and launched it your app will start running on both devices. We call them cross-platform apps, so if you want to go in the direction of cross-platform apps, then I would advise you that you should start with React Native. Now React Native is not a programming language. React Native is a framework that is built on top of JavaScript programming language so for that we will have to learn JavaScript first and after that we can learn React Native as a framework.

Goal 5:- Game Development

This is the next goal of the students. What happens is that we have game development, now generally, two languages ​​are quite popular for game development, one is C++ and another is C sharp. Now because C++ is already taught in many colleges and you will get its resources in general, then come here. We advise you to start game development with C++, so with that, we can start and create some of our projects. Now if we talk about the job market, then the maximum jobs that are available on today’s date are in software engineering and development. If we are available in the field, then we can also prepare our mindset according to which type of jobs we have to prepare for. Now whenever we talk about coding languages, it is not that all the coding languages ​​we have discussed are only that much coding. There are languages, apart from this, there are many programming languages ​​like Golang that have become C Sharp, and Dart has become but generally, all these languages ​​are for very specific use cases, meaning generally, we cannot do many things in them. These languages ​​are very specific and used company-wise, so my advice would be that if we want to learn them, then once we become a working professional, we can shift to them or use them as per our work as per our company. You can start learning domain-wise income from and we have already talked about that if we have a good hold on the programming language with which we have started as a beginner, then after that, we can shift to these languages. It will be very easy for us to learn these languages because generally, most programming languages ​​are logical they are almost similar i.e. in the same way code is written in one language, the way of writing the code may change but that logic. Everything is usually the same in all the languages.


Now in the end, if you are still confused about what should be our goal and which programming language should we choose, then according to today’s current job market scenario, let me give you my personal opinion. If we are B. Tech or BCA students and we are first, second, or third-year students then I would bet that we should first learn DSA which will take us about four to five months to learn if we are preparing dedicatedly. So after that, we just have to practice, for that, we can pick either Java or C++ and we can start with that, and after that when we get about four to five months, then we can start our web development. We can take the direction of and for that, the second programming language we will have to learn will be JavaScript, so our DSA will also be covered by this, our projects will also be made which are very important for the resume, so in both directions, we will explore things in a way. We will be able to do it and we will have the best chances to score a good internship or a good placement. The second case comes for those students who are in the fourth year of B.Tech or the third year of BCA or any other degree but want to get a job. If you want to take up the field of IT in the field of Tech, then for all these students I would advise that you start with web development because it is a very practical skill. Also, we have less time, so we should learn web development and make our projects well. If you want and want to find a job based on your practical skills, then my advice for you would be that we should start with Java Script and start making projects on web development as soon as possible. Apart from this, the second best option for us would be app development. It is also possible that we can learn Java and Python.

Strong Advice

but I have advised you to do web development because JavaScript as a language generally seems a little easier for students to learn as compared to Java for app development and the third case comes. For those students who do not want to make a career in tech but want to learn to code as per our interest or want to know what coding is exactly, then we want to learn that thing as per our interest, then this All students can start by learning Python because Python as a beginner is one of the best essayists languages with which we can start. It will seem very much like English to us. Its syntax is very simple, so as a beginner, If you do not want to do placement-oriented preparation if you want to learn just for interest then we can start with Python.


Then I hope that all the important points which we have discussed will help you in your career. Also always remember one thing. Keep in mind that do not remain confused, finally if you take a decision, take a call, and start learning your programming language, that is the biggest thing because learning is the most important thing in tech, as much as we learn it in any language. The more we invest time in learning things, the more we sit and code practically, and the better our tech career will be, so do not waste any time deciding whether to learn this or that. Learn this, you can learn all things with time, just starting as early as possible is the most important thing, so I wish you all the best in your tech journey, that’s all for today, see you in the next post, Till then keep learning and keep exploring.

Questions In Mind:-

which is the best language for programming?

java or javascript, python, C++, and many more languages.

which language is easy in 2024 to start programming?

C++, java is an easy language to start programming.

Should I start programming in 2024 or not?

yes, star this year is the best year to gain productivity in programming.

what is the fastest way to learn programming in 2024?

By making projects and practice day by day to be productive in 2024.

Can I do programming from my smartphone?

No, you cannot do programming from a smartphone you need a specific PC or laptop for that.

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