Skoda’s New SUV For India – Enyaq 85 | Launch Details

Enyaq 85 is the new version of EV which is the best upcoming EV in india market and it is the best version of Skoda in this year of 2024 and much more features with this EV let’s start.

Enyaq 85 Design :-

Well, this right here is the Skoda Enyaq, Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 and Kia’s EV6 You can consider it the right answer to them. Will it be made here? How much battery will be packed? What price are we expecting? We are going to talk about all those things in this blog If you look at it from any angle, especially if you look at it from the side Then you will see that it is sort of a crossover, it looks like a coupe-ish style But they call it a family SUV, but again, But again, it’s a 5-seater In typical Skoda fashion, Where they make a lot of station wagons, estates and crossovers You can see something similar here.

Enyaq 85 Features :-

If you look this from front, then you have lit-up lights, It looks like a glass area, But I think, of course, the production version will be slightly different than this one. This is pre-production, but overall, full LED setup, LED daytime running light and all that This particular colour looks really nice on this one On the sides as well, You’ve the concept-like elements.

Enyaq 85 Tyres Sizes :-

Here Tyre size 235/55 R19, which may not be good for Indian roads So, it is possible that this EV Car can be update when it’s finally brought here, the profile will be slightly better But because they are trying to bring it as an import, So, we may see the same thing So, the Skoda fans who want that performance, Probably, you may start getting it with this, but it’s a long car for sure.

Enyaq 85 Shape And Size :-

No doubt about it It is quite long Michelin Pilot Sport tyres, like I told you, all-four disc brakes, Big-size disc brakes On the rear, if you look at it from the black angle, it doesn’t look too high I am standing below the stage, but it is lower than me And I’m not a tall person, I am about 5’6 If I go up, then I become really tall Full LED setup, typical Skoda elements, Skoda badge You get to see the Enyaq badge here, and the 85 badge here You can see the 85 badge because this is a new trim level Earlier, if you’ve heard of the Enyaq 80, or global, you would have heard of the i4 Now, that has gone from the nomenclature, Now, they are called as 80, 85, 60, these are the different trims This is the 85, with this one, they have improved the range, they have improved the performance.

Enyaq 85 Battery :-

Let’s talk about how much has been improved Since it is the 85 version, but the battery pack is the same, 77 kWh battery pack But if you want to know a little about EVs, then the manufacturers are able to get more efficiency with the same battery pack Because then you study the cells, how they work, battery management system, all of that Then there is an improvement, they have done the same here So, the claimed range according to WLTP Cycling is around 565 km. The range is around 30 km, and in fact, the performance is also improved, 0 to 100 kmph in 6.7 seconds Which for a crossover, a family crossover.

Enyaq 85 Price In India :-

I think, will be very close to the Ioniq 5 it should be priced at around ₹50 lakhs So this is some information about this product, I hope you liked the blog If you liked the blog, then don’t forget to comment me about your opinion about this car.

Enyaq 85 Launch Date In India :-

I think is a good performance So this is all the information about this car, I can’t show you the interior But all I can tell you is that it has got the 360 camera, because it is given on the side, front and rear And it looks very crossover-ish, it doesn’t have a big SUV feel, it doesn’t have a high compact SUV feel But it’s the understated, which we typically see in Skodas Car Now, as far as the launch is concerned, it is confirmed to be launched in India, testing is already going on And we think that it can be brought to India as an import And if they get a good response, then it can be assembled locally Pricing initially.

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