How Adani Again Became The Richest Man In India|In Detailed Analysis 2024

Adani Again because the Indian Richest Man in india and how he recovered his all shares in Last one year and the secret of success? in detailed analysis in this post without wasting of time let’s start.

Adani Again Become The Richest person :-

Last year, everyone said Adani will be finished. Hindenburg had published a report against Adani in which he called Adani India’s biggest scam! And after this report, Gautam Adani, who had become the world’s second richest lost his spot as the 2nd richest He lost $60 billion of his wealth overnight. But what is the situation today? What happened in a year’s time How did Adani Again become India’s richest man? What did he do? Is this another big scam or is it a business case study? Let’s find out in today’s blog. Our mission is to give you the right and simple information about events happening around you. So that you can make your own opinion.

Chapter 1: How Adani Again In Supreme Court Decision :-

Chapter 1. The Supreme Court’s decision. Is Hindenburg telling the truth? Is Adani really a scam? When this question was asked to the SC what did they say? They said that believing Hindenburg’s statements as 100% true would be a mistake We have to trust our agencies. Okay, which agencies are we talking about? We are talking about SEBI, the Securities Exchange Board of India, which was investigating 24 irregularities of Adani Again. They have completed the investigation of 22 irregularities By February 2024, SEBI will complete all the other investigations Here we need to go beyond the headlines and understand the deep issue.

Why did the SC intervene?

Because Hindenburg is a short seller. That means it can spread bad news about the company through their reports Then it can try to bring down the company’s value And in this process. earn a lot of profit! It clearly shows Hindenburg’s interest in this The problem is that both the company and the common man tends to loose Even the shareholder who invests in it, loses their money Gautam Adani himself lost $60 billion. But about $110 billion eroded from his stocks overnight Whose money it was? Yours and mine. That means, people who have invested in Adani stocks, they have lost their wealth News is news Newspapers like FT and Guardian can print any kind of news. They can make any allegations which can harm the investors. This was the main concern of the SC The SC said that such reports can help in the investigation. But they cannot give a final decision.

Investigation Against Adani :-

Anamika Jaiswal and Prashant Bhushan wanted a special investigation team to conduct investigation against Adani For which the SC refused. They said that SEBI are experts and have the experience. So only they will investigate. Here, the SC chose to protect the shareholders and not Adani himself But you may not understand this by just reading the headlines. But as soon as this news came out, it had an impact on Adani’s stocks Adani Enterprises 9% Adani Total Gas 20% Adani Energy Solutions 19% and shares of Adani Green Energy, Adani Power and NDTV rose by 12% This jump is huge. But it has still not reached the values before the Hindenburg report came out Investors need to be careful here. Because SEBI has not yet concluded the investigation. But one thing is for sure. that Gautam Adani has become India’s richest man.

Chapter 2: How Adani Again Survived ? :-

Chapter 2. How Adani Survived? Accounting Fraud, Stock Manipulation and using of Shell Companies. These are quite serious allegations which we have covered in our Adani Trilogy. But Adani’s defence strategy is quite interesting. And that is Offence. It is said that Offence is the biggest defence. How did Adani survive? There are many reasons for the same But to make it easier to understand and easier to remember we have divided all these reasons into three pillars. Confidence, Mindset and Correction.

The first pillar is Confidence :-

When the Hindenburg report came out Adani Enterprises was coming up with an FPO Here Adani wanted to raise Rs 20,000 CRORES from the market. The Hindenburg report had an impact on the FPO. But on the last day, this FPO was fully subscribed. High net worth individuals had invested in Adani. Interestingly, after a few days. Adani cancelled this FPO And returned the money to the investors. This was a brilliant strategy to show the world his credibility. And this had an impact. After the Hindenburg report came out none of the credit agencies, be it national or international, decrease the Adani Group companies’ credit ratings which gave investors confidence The short term losses did not have a long term impact Usually, when there is a big scam, the senior management leaves the company But this did not happen in Adani’s case All the board of directors stayed in the company New money kept coming into the company. GQG Partners invested $4 billion in Adani. Qatar Investment Authority and France’s Total Energy invested $770 million in Adani Green’s renewable energy projects. The International Holding Co. of Abu Dhabi, which is related to the royal family of Abu Dhabi, they acquired 5% shares of Adani Enterprises. Many companies affiliated with the Indian government supported Adani. This includes companies like SBI and LIC SBI invested in Adani’s PVC project. about Rs. 34,000 crores! Because of all these reasons, confidence in Adani’s companies and projects increased.

The Second Pillar Is Mindset :-

The second pillar is mindset. Adani focused on growth. Most of Adani companies primarily work in the B2B sector. But gradually, these companies are now entering into the B2C sector Adani wants to manage and modernize 6 Indian airports which includes Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Mangaluru, Jaipur, Guwahati and Tiruvananthapuram. Navi Mumbai International Airport, which has been under construction for the past 20 years, is going to open this year, in December 2024. In July, Adani won the contract to develop India’s largest slum, Dharavi. This bid was made in 2022. And Adani is going to invest Rs. 5,000 crores in this project. Adani kept acquiring strategically important companies. which includes Karaikal Port, Coastal Energen Sanghi Cement and a 49% stake in Indian Oil Tanking. In the beginning of 2023 where everyone was saying that Adani is finished, In December 2023, he announced fresh investments of Rs. 7 lakh crores in different projects. With this, Adani will become India’s largest infrastructure player. It includes the world’s largest green park project which will be built in Rann Desert Which will generate electricity for around 2 crore people. And will produce 30 GW clean energy. The biggest strength of Adani is that all his assets are physical assets. If Adani becomes bankrupt tomorrow, then banks can sell these assets and recover the money

The Third Pillar Is Correction :-

And the third pillar is correction. No matter how much Adani denies the problems in his companies The truth is that the debt-levels kept rising quickly And this was not sustainable. So he started corrections immediately. Adani started focusing on improving his financial health What does it mean? Adani proved with data that by the end of March 2023, he had a cash flow of 77,890 crores. Which was sufficient to cover all his debts in the coming year. Plus, in the first quarter of 2023, he showed record profits. In this chart, you can see his YOY increase in assets On this basis Adani is confident that he will be able to repay his debts. These three pillars were responsible for Adani’s comeback But there is another reason which can be the most important reason of this blog. And it deserves a whole chapter of its own.

Chapter 3: How Adani Again Play Master Plan :-

Chapter 3, Adani’s Master Plan. Adani has become an international name today. Adani is investing $700 million. in Sri Lanka. He is starting his own terminal in the Colombo port. This will be the largest investment in Sri Lanka’s port sector by an international player. And Adani is not alone in this. Last year, in the month of November the US government invested $553 million in Adani’s project. This project is important to reduce China’s influence.

Adani Again Investment On Ports :-

To understand Colombo port’s importance you should know this fact Half of the ships passing from here i.e. 50% ships pass through Colombo port. Where China’s Hambentota port is vacant Colombo port needs new infrastructure and Adani is exactly doing this Similarly, Adani’s projects have started in Israel. During the last year’s G20, India-Middle East-Europe corridor was discussed. Today, this project has been halted due to the Hamas war. But Adani is going to have a big hand in the success of this project.

Adani Again Acquired Haifa Port In Israel :-

Last year, Adani acquired Israel’s Haifa port for $1.2 billion. This port is in the north of Israel Gaza is in the south of Israel. This is Israel’s second largest port. Which helps to improve the India’s business and the geopolitical ties Adani has also started his business in Australia. This includes projects like Abbot Point Port and Rugby run solar farm Today, China’s strategy is very similar Government and enterprises work together and invest in the strategic locations of other countries. So that their position in geopolitics becomes strong. Today, Adani and Indian government are trying to challenge this strategy. In which both seem to be supporting each other.

Chapter 4: How Adani Again Becomes the Richest person The Final conclusion :-

Chapter 4 conclusion. Gautam Adani net worth was $149 billion before the Hindenburg report came out, but after the report it came down to $46 billion And this, rose to $74 billion. in a year’s time Making him the richest Indian in the world. And this was due to the three-step strategy implemented by him Remember that he hasn’t recovered from the damage caused to his wealth and his company due to issue of Hindenburg report Last year.

Hindenburg Reports :-

when the Hindenburg report came out, we had said that Adani’s truth should be revealed to the people. Because all of our interests are involved in this. Along with this, it is also important to understand that no other company can match Adani’s speed and efficiency when it comes to building infrastructure If there is a scam in Adani, it is important that this must come out in front of the country. And for such scams to not happen in the future, the corporate governance must be improved.

Final Decision :-

In today’s blog, we learned how a company like Adani faced a big allegation. What did the SC say about Adani? And how can the enterprise and the govt work together to keep us safe? If you got value from this post and got something new to learn, then share it with your friends. And what do you think? Is Adani a scam or a company that builds the country? Do tell us in the comments. Because telling you the truth of a new and changing India makes a difference to know more about this thing.

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