Truth of Farmers Protest 2024 | Why Farmers are protesting? |Detailed Analysis

Farmers Protest 2024 In this blog, We discuss the Farmers protest in 2024. Why are farmers protesting in Delhi? What are their demands? Are these demands justified and what will be the impact on India’s economy?

Farmers Protest 2024 Review :-

Farmers’ protests 2024 have started again. These incident remind us of 2021, where the farmers of North India called the agricultural reforms as black laws forcing the government to withdraw them But why these protests now? What do the North Indian famers want? And why doesn’t the government give them what they want? Is this a Farmers Protest 2024 or a blackmail right before the elections You must be confused. We are also confused. So let’s get confused together. Let’s understand the issue in a simple way. In today’s blog, we will present some facts in front of you, give our own opinion, using which you will decide whether the demands of the farmers are practical or not. We bring the important issues of India for you in a simple language. And in the same way, we get the courage to make logical and informative blogs. And yes, do share this blog So that this blog reaches Rihanna and Greta Thunberg, and they with the hope that, they tweet something sensible this time.

Farmers Protest 2024 Chapter 1:-

Chapter 1. What do the farmers want?

The elections are coming up thus being the right time for convincing the goverment to agree with them or to make the government a villain. More than 250 small and big farmer unions have come together under one banner called the Kisan Mazdoor Morcha. These Farmers Protest 2024 are being coordinated from Punjab, but it does include farmers from Haryana and UP. Basically, the blueprint seems to be the same as it was last time. But the interesting thing is that SKM i.e. Samyukt Kisan Morcha, which was protesting against farm loss in 2021 is not a part of these protests After 2021, many farmer unions have split. That is, as a common man, it’s important for us to understand that these protests are not a continuation of the earlier protests All the previous demands had been met, hence, the farmers had returned back home. These protests are new because the farmers’ demands are new. It would be wrong to call them Farmer’s protest 2.0 which is Farmers Protest 2024 This year, the interim budget was announced. So this figure is just an estimate. But let’s see how much support our farmers get in the budget.

Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare :-

Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare. Rs. 1,17,528 crore which includes, PM Kisan Fund for Rs. 60,000 crores. PM Fasal Beema Yojana for Rs. 14,600 crores Interest Subvention Scheme for Rs. 22,600 crores. Promotion of Farmer FPO. We are going to spend only Rs. 587 crore on the Farmer Producer Organisation. Department of Chemicals and Fertilizers. Rs. 1,64,150 crore All this money is spent on giving subsidies Either this fertilizer is imported or it is used to compensate the difference between market price and farmer price. Because of this subsidy, fertilizers are misused This is not we, but experts like Mr. Ashok Gulati say. Department of Public Food Distribution. Rs. 2,05,000 crores. This entire amount is spent on MSP purchases. And only 6% of the farmers get benefitted. Which majorily includes the farmers from the Protested States This information is public. Dairy, horticulture i.e. fruits, spices, vegetables have no MSP. What is the total? Rs. 4,86,678 crores. This is more than 10% of our total budget expenditure. And this is without including the subsidies of the Power Sector. Because power subsidies are mostly given by the state governments. So, they are not included in this figure. Because these figures represent only the subsidies of the central government. In the procurement of wheat and rice, Punajb’s share is consistently between 30-40%. So, just imagine how much money is going to the same state. Let’s first understand what are the demands of the farmers.

Farmers Protest 2024 There Are 12 Demands :-

The farmers have put these 12 demands in front of the government,in this Farmers Protest 2024 Some of these demands are rational, while some are very irrational. But in a democracy, you have the fundamental right to be irrational Especially during elections. Like leaving the WTO, cancelling all free trade agreements, this is not in India’s interest. This will only harm India. But negotiations are just like this. Some demands are so outrageous that everyone knows that, these demands are not going to be accepted. Other demands are accepted under the shadow of these impossible demands

Farmers Protest 2024 Chapter 2:-

Chapter 2. The issue of MSP :-

One of the demands of the Farmers Protest 2024 which comes up is the demand for MSP. Farmers want MSP as a legal right. What is MSP? MSP stands for Minimum Support Price For some reason, if the price falls in the market, then the government can buy foodgrains from the farmers at MSP. The government declares MSP on 24 commodities, twice a year. So far, so good. But this MSP system is broken as only 6% of the farmers in India get some benefit of MSP. Because no matter how hard the government tries, it cannot buy all the crops that grow in whole of India In the 1960s, Green revolution began in India At that time, our situation was so bad that we were surviving on foreign aid. At that time, MSP was introduced for encouraging the farmers to grow grains. But since then, India has changed a lot. We have become a food surplus nation But today there is another problem. Our granaries are overflowing. The storage capacity of the FCI is 800 lakh tons And 2021 data states that we already have 900 lakh tons of excess grains. that means, a lot of food is overflowing. It is getting wasted. The government buys at MSP.

Demand And Supply Chain :-

The government cannot force private players to buy at MSP. So rules of supply and demand are followed That is, if they get foodgrains at better quality or at cheaper rates, elsewhere they can buy from there. Today that is happening. Instead of sourcing wheat locally in India, importing it from Russia seems more beneficial. Let’s look at the data. MSP of wheat in India is Rs. 2275/q Quintal [q] means 100 kgs. And at what price is a country like Argentina and Russia ready to sell a quintal of wheat Let’s see. Argentina at Rs 1,994 whereas, Russia at Rs. 1,869/q In the international market, the Chicago Board of Trade imports wheat for Rs. 1,809/q So in the current situation, there is no benefit for the Indian government, Indian consumers or private players from MSP Our food provider is not a farmer. Our food provider is Putin. This is a double tragedy for the country. Because we are getting used to this process of selling poor quality food to the FCI at MSP. Today we are over-dependent on MSP. And that’s why wheat and paddy farming is unsustainable today It’s no longer competitive. But let’s think about an extreme case. Can the government grant MSP as a legal right? What will happen if the government agrees to all the demands and grants MSP as a legal right?

Farmers Protest 2024 Chapter 3:-

Chapter 3. Impact of MSP on the country :-

Let’s look at the numbers. This year, India’s wheat production will cross the record of 114 million tonnes. This is a good thing, right? More food means less price for the poor. Inflation is under control. Moreover, we can extra profits by exporting the excess produce Right? Wrong. The problem is MSP. Because MSP has become a political tool. Last year, MSP was increased by 7%. And this will continue every year. If MSP becomes a legal guarantee, then no private player will be able to buy wheat and rice at a price lower than MSP. That means they will have to buy grains at high prices. Wholesalers will also have to buy at high prices. Moreover, even you will have to buy grains at high prices. Inflation will reach double digits. And these farmers will be responsible for it. The Swaminathan Committee had created a formula to calculate as to how much the MSP should be. Which is famously called as C2 plus 50%. This means that the MSP set by the govt should be more than 50% of the cost But current MSP is already above.

Farmers Protest 2024 On Swaminathan Committee’s :-

Swaminathan Committee’s recommendation Out of the 12 states that grow wheat, 8 states have an MSP higher than the Swaminathan Committee’s recommendation So what is the problem? The problem is that MSP as a practice doesn’t follow the principles of the free market Because the logic says that MSP is not declared on all commodities but only on selective 20 or 24 products. So this is more than necessary. Since MSP pricing is higher than the pricing of International Markets we cannot export it even if we want to. These foodgrains keeps rotting in our granaries. Out of which 30% is completely wasted. Because the speed at which our produce is growing, the storage facilities are not being built at the same rate It requires high investments, plus there is no incentive for private players to build storage facilities. In my humble opinion, India is in dire need of agro-reforms The same reforms that were opposed in the farmer’s protest 2 years ago. MSP, which was made as a support for farmers, it is now suppressing both India and it’s farmers And just to keep the farmers happy, we are increasing the MSP every year. Every year, different parties talk about increasing the MSP. If it becomes compulsory to buy at MSP, then its financial burden will be around Rs. 10 lakh crores. This is the same amount that we spend every year for infrastructure development. And this comes from your tax money. This will be one fourth of our annual budget Today, not only we, but many experts beleive that making MSP a legal guarantee is infact harmful Which will benefit a few people but harm everyone. Our question is simple. Will the common man be harmed or benefited Think about the answer yourself. And do tell us in the comments.

Farmers Protest 2024 Chapter 4:-

Chapter 4,The Final Conclusion On Farmers Protest 2024 :-

Many things about these protests are suspicious. Why are these protests happening now? Now there are elections. Parliament session is going to happen during the monsoon. So why are these protests happening now? Now, What difference does it make if this govt makes promises? Because any government can come to power post elections It is better to have the farm leaders contest elections rather than organizing protests A video went viral on Twitter stating that post the inauguration of the Ram Mandir, there was a lot of positive discussion about the country. These protests were designed to balance this positive discussion Recently, there has been news that Gurpatwan Singh Pannu wants to send weapons to the farmers through Pakistan So that he can continue the protests.

Main Target On Farmers Protest 2024 :-

Delhi is our capital. Strategically, it is very important. And it is important for security that flow of the movement shouldn’t choke Because as the crowd increases, the chances of riots also increase. And it becomes difficult to catch a culprit Anything can happen in the country’s capital during elections and this is very dangerous. Now what is important for the country? It is important that the elections happen smoothly. Irrespective of any party winning the elections But every voter should get a fair chance to cast his vote without any hurdle. His focus should be on the right things. So that he chooses the right candidate Through this blog, I request you and every celebrity to leave your biases.

Farmers Protest 2024 The Numbers Of MSP :-

Talk with facts, talk with numbers. Think, can India be practically out of the WTO? Can we spend Rs. 10 lakh crores on MSP? Is MSP practice making us incompetent? Are we only listening to the North Indian farmers and ignoring the farmers of South India Don’t we need more food storage facilities than the MSP? Do such protests make the country’s democracy stronger during the elections? Or do they become a security threat? Everyone should ask themselves this question. It is important to think rationally. If you got any value from this blog and learned something new, then do share it with your friends. Because we all want the welfare of our country’s farmers. We all want the progress of the country. But at the same time, we also want a section of the society not to blackmail the country in the name of protests. Keep democracy and rule of law alive. And sharing this important message with you makes a difference to me. Thank you.

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