“100% Quality” Best Indian Movies in 2023 & 2024

Best Indian Movies in 2023 & 2024 there is total 20 movies which has the best suspension and action with best drama scenes , without wasting any more time let’s start.

Best Indian Movies in 2023 & 2024 Section No 1 :-

In last year of 2023 and starting of 2024, there are 20 such movies full of content whose murder we committed without seeing it in the theater. just because, including me, our entire focus was on Maas Masala movies. In this blog, I will tell you about 20 such movies which only with their content will shock, surprise, and satisfy you. Because if they had the budget for making or marketing, then they would have reached everywhere. And along with it, their budget, box office collection and IMDB rating.

Movie Number 20 :-

At number 20, with 6.6 IMDB rating, Sajini Shinde Ka Viral video”Madam, put him in Big Boss.” “He will win.” A budget of 15 crores and it only earned 60 lakhs. There are many twists in the movie which will surely shock you. The investigation of the movie, twist and turn and all the performances will keep you tied. As they are Marathi actors, then the performance will be god-level.

Movie Number 19 :-

At number 19, Mystery Thriller, a Gujarati movie which surprised me a lot. The movie was made in 3 crores and also earned 3 crores in the box office. But it is going to be remade. Vikas Bell is going to remake this movie. Ajay Devgan and R. Madhavan is going to be in the movie. 8.4 IMDB rating, A family who has come for a vacation, but gets trapped in the black magic of an unknown person. It is a supernatural horror thriller. We have seen brutality of this level in Hollywood. The 2 hours length can bore you. But it is a must watch for horror fans.

Movie Number 18 :-

After this, at number 18, released on Disney+ Hotstar directly Made in 50 crores Survival movie kicks me at a different level. It is my favorite genre. But after NH10 and Trapped, Bollywood could not make a survival movie. But the performance was great. Inspired by the true incident, Hungry for lust, vicious, and cruel criminals are chasing a cute girl. And in one barren location, the game of cat and mouse is going on. The movie is adult will engage you for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Best Indian Movies in 2023 & 2024 Section No 2 :-

Movie Number 17 :-

With 8.2 IMDB rating, He wears the same underwear for 4 days. A movie made in just 4 crores, earned 20 crores in the box office. The biggest reason for that is the most rare genre in today’s time, that no one wants to make. Coming-age romance comedy drama. It is shown in a very beautiful way. The only flaw of this Tamil movie is that the length of 2 hours and 30 minutes is very much felt. But the fruit of patience is not sweet but it’s Nectar. Watch the whole movie. The topic of the movie is very powerful. Hindi dubbing is very good. How a teenage couple becomes parents in love. There are some moments in the movie where you feel what stupidity it is. There are some moments where my mind was out. That dose this happen? Then you will have to understand that this is a teenage couple. They are completely irresponsible. Now not only the girl, but because of her responsibility, the boy is also pregnant. And the child is also coming. No money, no place for a house, have fought with their parents. And they also fought with each other. This means whatever could be wrong is happening here. The length of 2 hours and 30 minutes is a bit much.

Movie Number 16 :-

At number 16, Manoj Bajpai sir’s action thriller, “We are running away from the gun.” The director of the movie, Devashish Makhija who made a movie like Ajji, Bhosle. The movie’s marketing is almost equal to none. Movie made in 15-20 crores. Has earned only 1 crore in the box office. I saw the movie on Yogi Bhai’s recommendation. And just see Manoj Bhai’s performance. That helplessness will make your heart hurt. The movie is a bit slow. At some moments, it gets so slow that it could have been cut easily. But there are some disturbing scenes that will fill them up by the end.

Movie Number 15 :-

At number 15, a drama movie, The name of the movie should have been Nostalgia. “And the moment I saw the love of my childhood,” “the whole poem came out.” Now look, I won’t tell much about this movie. There is nothing much to tell. Just understand that if you had made that naive love at school time, if you like the movie 96, then this is of your type. Shefali Shah, after Delhi Crimes, I became a fan of her. Innocence and cute moments are filled in this movie. It feels good after watching the movie. It is available on Netflix. The budget is 10 crores. It has earned only 30 lakhs in the box office.

Best Indian Movies in 2023 & 2024 Section No 3 :-

Movie Number 14 :-

In the movie, we have to catch a criminal gang from all over the country. And we have already seen such stories in crime thriller web series. But the director has presented it in a very unique way. And since it is a movie from the Malayalam industry, then the cinematic is number one. “So will you be able to solve this case in just 10 days?” If you like the crime investigation, then this is a must watch for you.

Movie Number 13 :-

At number 13, My God! It’s my personal favorite. I made the biggest mistake by not seeing it in the theater. Sorry 11,000 people gave the IMDB rating of 7.8. The budget is 20 crores and 11 crores it made in the box office. Sports drama available on Zee 5 “This life is a game of magic.” How a young batsman Anina’s hand is cut off. Now will she be able to play cricket with one hand? And a grumpy, drunk coach is going train her. Directed by R. Balki, who made a movie like Pa and Chup. First of all, he shows the impossible thing on the screen. And after that, he succeeds in making you believe. The movie is very inspiring. The performance is god-level. Just there was no point in bringing Amitabh sir in the ending. But the movie is a must watch.

Movie Number 12 :-

The next movie has opened all the nerves in my mind. Not at the level of Ratsasan, but the movie had almost reached there. Crime thriller, 9,000 people gave it IMDB rating of 8. Available in Hindi on SonyLive. “Hair, Skin, nothing.” “The murder has been done very carefully.” Have to catch a serial killer who is brutally murdering. And he is not leaving a single mark. How will you find it now? How a senior and a junior officer together find this serial killer. There are a lot of disturbing scenes in the movie. I don’t know how it got a UA certificate. Only a budget of 8 crores and crossed 50 crores at the box office.

Best Indian Movies in 2023 & 2024 Section No 4 :-

Movie Number 11 :-

On number 11, crime drama thriller with 8.3 IMDB rating, “The girl is quietly going with him” “meaning she is going willingly.” You should not be sensitive during this movie. Your heart should be strong. Because first, this movie will mix you so much in the bond. Your heart will connect so much with the character. That now nothing should go wrong with this girl. Both uncle and niece are looking so good. And after that something happens, Brother! I will not say much. The bonding of the movie and its disturbing scenes will win your heart. Just the movie tries to be a little typical at the end. And at some point, you’ll feel the 2 hours 20 minutes of the movie. With a very good Hindi dubbing, it is available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Movie Number 10 :-

Hardly in India, only 1 or 2 super hero movies are made throughout the year. Which does not earns in the box office. But this movie was made in 35 crores and earned 90 crores. Action comedy drama, 7.4 IMDB rating from 8,000 people. The director of 2021’s Mandela, Ashwin has directed A cowardly cartoon artist is going to commit suicide and he gets a superpower. A voice of the future that tells him what is going to happen immediately. The movie is extremely grounded, you will not be bored at all. You have to keep logic aside while watching it. But perfect to watch with family. How politicians and builders together exploit poor people. Will our hero be able to get them out of it? Or will he become their prey himself? Available on Amazon Prime in Hindi. Inspired by true story.

Movie Number 9 :-

on number 9, if you have a child, then your soul will shake. Rani Mukherjee’s performance will make you cry. From the start scene of the movie, they are taking the children away. Rani Mukherjee is running, chasing. What a scene that was. 9,000 people rated 7.3 on IMDB. A movie made for 25 crores earn 36 crores. If we are not going to watch such movies in the theater, then we have no right to say that Bollywood does not make good movies. In the second half, the movie looks a little overdramatic and high-jumped. But it will be one of your favorite movies of last year, that’s the guarantee. Available on Netflix 2 hours and 30 minutes long, one-time must-watch.

Best Indian Movies in 2023 & 2024 Section No 5 :-

Movie Number 8 :-

After the next movie, the hope of romance drama came back. I thought that no one could match romance after Sita Ramam on this level. But again, Mrunal Thakur proved me wrong. The type of role Mrunal Thakur plays, all the boys think that my girl should be like this. 2 hours 40 minutes long, “Friends, they are the ones who gives hugs” “and also kisses.” It’s a feel-good movie that shows the struggle of single parenthood. If Sita Raman’s romance hit you on that level, then this will also hit you on that level. Now see, the movie is 2 hours 40 minutes long, so if you don’t like romance at all, then maybe it can bore you. Now see, the story of the movie is very simple, but in that simplicity the heart that the movie touches. The movie in a budget of 40 crores has crossed 75 crores.

Movie Number 7 :-

The number 7 movie is the turning point of Vikrant Maesi’s acting career. A movie of 20 crores has earned 66 crores just because of mouth publicity. 30,000 people have given an average IMDb rating of 9.2. “So remember that the first letter I will sign” “will be of your suspension.” 12th Fail is the story of a UPSC aspirant couple. On one side struggle and on the other side is love. The movie shows you all the shades of poverty. That “chakki” scene, the way he’s living the way his girlfriend enters. She sees that he is also studying in this situation. And I am telling you, even a stone heart will melt. The struggle part was a kiss in the movie, which connected. but the romance part was a little overdramatized. The movie is available on Disney+ Hotstar. Watch it with your entire family, you will enjoy it. You will know that Bollywood also makes good movies.

Movie Number 6 :-

Number 6’s family drama Telugu movie, Bro speechless. What negative can I take out of this? Let me tell you a simple thing, if you liked Panchayat, this movie is one level above that. All the Panchayat fans will want to hit me with slippers. But watch this movie once, then do whatever you want. You will enter the screen and kiss me. Bro, I went to my village for 2 hours and 10 minutes. Whatever is the culture, tradition of your village, are ditto shown in this movie. There is no difference. A boy from the village who wants to marry a girl as soon as possible and take dowry. So that he can repay his loan. Death is hovering on his head, in the meantime, Grandpa dies. Now this is the story of every house. When an elder from a house dies, who has kept the whole house together. You must have seen this in many movies, but did you see you and your family in that movie? But in this movie, you will see yourself and also your family. The budget of the movie is only 1 crore and it earns 27 crores in the box office. Very few people have seen it. Available on Amazon Prime And by the way, the movie won the Best Feature film in the Los Angeles Cinematic Awards. And after that, in the Golden Bridge Istanbul Awards, best film, best director, best lead actor. The movie is very underrated, you must watch it.

Best Indian Movies in 2023 & 2024 Section No 6 :-

Movie Number 5 :-

The Number 5 movie made me cry. At first, I felt that what is going on, but as the movie progressed, the connection started to get stronger. Romance drama got an average rating of 8.3 on IMDb from 6000 people. I have seen side A Hindi dubbing on Amazon Prime. The movie has a budget of 20 crores, earn 26 crores at the box office. To settle with his girlfriend for little money, our hero takes the blame on his head and goes to jail. And now there is no hope of getting out, but despite that, the love of both for each other. Months are passing, years are passing, love doesn’t decrease even by 1%. She comes to meet him regularly in jail, and when she looks back at him while going, Brother, if there should be love, it should be like this otherwise, all love is a lie. And for that love, our hero is dying slowly inside. And our hero wants that love, but he is suffering such punishment in jail for a crime he has not even committed. The movie slows down a lot in the end, but it keeps you excited about what will happen in part 2. And it comes under this Best Indian Movies in 2023 & 2024 category.

Movie Number 4 :-

The number 4 movie is 2023’s Andhadhun. A movie of 3 crores earned 7 crores at the box office. Around 2,000 people gave an average IMDb rating of 8.3. Comedic thriller from the Marathi industry. There are many serious situations in the movie, someone is dying, a murder is happening, but still, you laugh. This is called dark humor, which is very next to impossible to create in a movie. But the acting of all the Marathi actors, bro I enjoyed the movie. 1 hour 45 minutes long, available on Zee5 you won’t get bored for a second. Before the top 3 movies, if I have any movies left in this list, then please comment and let me know. We will make its second part too. No good underrated movie should be left. Because in 2023, due to mass masala movies, we have already murdered a lot of these movies. Such full-on content-packed movie should come in front of people, so that no one can say “Indian people only make mass masala movies.

Movie Number 3 :-

” You will 100% watch the movie of number 3 if you saw it’s starting 12 minute one-take shot. A passenger train has been derailed from the railway track. This is dead body of children. It was such a dangerous scene. It is a straight one-take shot of 12 minutes. Salute to director Vitri Maran sir. What have you made! Vijay Setupati sir comes in the second half of the movie, but I didn’t remember about him. I had been so engaged in the movie. The budget of approximately 40 crores it has crossed 51 crores in the box office. The color grading of the movie has been shot in the jungle. It’s the director of Vada Chennai, Asuran, so you will get top quality. The movie available on Zee5 is a must-watch for cinema lovers.

Best Indian Movies in 2023 & 2024 Section No 7 :-

Movie Number 2 :-

If you didn’t like the movie of number 2, then unsubscribe me directly. Because of the parking of a car, how conflicts arise between two neighbors. And the planning, plotting they do to take revenge, the way they execute it, My God! The movie is filled with tension. 2 hours and 10 minutes long, you won’t be bored for even a second. Full of mystery and suspense “If you have a new car,” “then keep it in the basket and keep it at home.” If you don’t watch this movie with your family, then I swear to you, then don’t say that something has happened to me. l challenge to all the critics in this world find a single negative in this movie. Which movie should I start first from this top 20 list then this is it. Around 4,000 people have given it an average rating of 8.1 on IMDb. But the sad thing is that the movie has a budget of around 6 crores and has earned 2 crores in the box office. Such movies are famous only by mouth publicity. Now as it has come to OTT, then sit at home and watch it. And also comes under the Best Indian Movies in 2023 & 2024 category.

Movie Number 1 :-

At number 1, the highest grossing of all time in the Malayalam industry. How can anyone make a disaster drama of this level in just 25 crores? The movie seems impossible to look at. How will it be shot in real life? But it has earned 200 crores in the box office. 11,000 people have given an average rating of 8.4 on IMDb. “The first gate will be opened at 11.” That dangerous night of the Kerala flood in 2018. On one hand, people are dying, but on the other hand, humanity is coming back to life. All these are practical scenes. They have literally drowned the entire village. Very little use of VFX, during the disaster, people are drowning. All practical effects. It is available in Hindi on SonyLiv. After the movie is over, you will get respect for the Malayalam industry will go at the top level. Tell us your favorite comment from these 20 movies. If any is left, then forgive us. We will cover it in the next part. And in 2023 and in the starting of 2024 how maas masala movies literally miss these Best Indian Movies in 2023 & 2024. Thank you so much. Love you, Take care. Jai Hind.

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